Most Common Sports Injuries (and Treatments)

For the health and well being of everyone on this planet, we would love nothing more than for everyone to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. Be careful, however, and learn about common injuries and ways of preventing and treating them before you venture onto the field.

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The Truth About Toning Fitness Shoes

Companies that make toning fitness shoes have been doing rather well on sales of these shoes. However, that doesn’t mean that the marketing message of these shoes is actually backed by scientific research. We separate facts from fiction for you.

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The Real Effects of Drinking and Driving

The Real Effects of Drinking and Driving is a good infographic from It stays focused and tells one compelling story really well. Some of the illustrations are just that, illustrations, when they could have visualized the numbers.

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Supplement trends in the UK

This is a very interesting infographic charting UK trends.

Quick facts:

- 70% would like to improve their upper body
- 35% train more then 7hrs a week
- 61.3% have a BMI which is overweight or clinically obese

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24 funniest ways to die

This infographic comes to us from the folks at Life Insurance Here is what they had to say upon submitting their infographic.

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Preventable Deaths

Preventable health infographic. Interesting stuff.

The number one cause of deaths in the US are because of smoking. If you ever need a reason to stop smoking, this is it. Surprisingly medial errors are the second highest cause, what’s going on in american hospitals?

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Sitting is killing you

Who knew sitting was so dangerous!

Having a office job this infographic scares the living day lights out of me, but in a very good way. I now do my best to walk up the stairs, not use the lift and take as many breaks as possible to get away from the desk and the “killer chair”.

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Personal Injury in the Wild

Who would have thought it, the smallest creature in the wild is also the most deadly, dont mess with the mosquito’s everybody.

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Snake Oil Supplements

This is a really good interactive infographic on popular dietary supplements.

Check it out on their website


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Number of Men in The United States Who Will Die

Scary stuff

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